Pastor Kevin Walker, Senior Pastor
cell: 304-415-1008

Kevin Walker grew up in the Charleston area (Campbell's Creek). Kevin was raised in a loving home. His mother raised him in church and was a great influence on his life. He married his beautiful wife, Angela at the age of twenty and they began their wonderful life together in the Dunbar area. It was only a few months after marriage they both were gloriously saved! With the Lord in control of their lives they moved to Summersville WV where God would eventually call Kevin and Angela into the ministry. Kevin and Angela announced their call to ministry in October of 2000 and was ordained in the Free Will Baptist Church in 2001. In March of 2002 they began their first pastorate at Whitewater Free Will Baptist Church where they pastored til 2006. In Febuarary of 2006 God blessed Kevin and Angela with the greatest 5lb 3oz gift they could ever have in their beautiful daughter, Lexi. It was in that time God was preparing and equiping Kevin and Angela for the next ministry. Pastor Kevin, at this time, felt the great need to further his education yet had the responsibiliy of providing for his family. As a bi-vocational pastor Kevin also managed a Office Equipment Business (Appalachian Office Products). God would use the management skills and training obtained from the business to help equip him for pastoral ministry. He still had a great hunger for more training in the area of pastoral ministry. Kevin became very close to one of the employees at work and it just so happened that he was a faithful and devout Nazarene. God used this close relationship to expose pastor Kevin to the wonderful work and ministry of the Nazarene Church. Well it didn't take but one camp meeting at the Summersville campground to win the family over. It was in that camp meeting that God would put key people into their life. It was at this meeting Kevin learned  the church of the Nazarene provided local eductation for their called pastors and leaders. This was the very thing God had been dealing with Pastor Kevin about. In 2007 the pastoral eductaion in the Church of the Nazarene began! In the same year Kevin and Angela began to attend the Oak Hill Church of the Nazarene where he received his first local liscense in the Nazarene Church. This led to a district liscence and in 2008 The family would make one of the biggest decisions of their life. Kevin and Angela would accept the call of God to go into full-time ministry. This would mean that they would have to leave their jobs and new home they recently built on the lake. Although it was a tough decision, God provided peace and confirmation that this was His will.  They began their first pastoral ministry in the Nazarene church at Gallagher. Kevin, Angela, and Lexi instantly fell in love with the wonderful people there and God blessed the church and the ministry at Gallagher. While pastoring at Gallagher Kevin accepted the Work and Witness Co-ordinator's position on the district level. This was a, "God-thing", because Kevin's greatest passion and strength is working with his hands in the construction field. In 2011 Kevin, Angela, Lexi, and the Gallagher church celebrated his ordination into the Church of the Nazarene. This was a great accomplishment for Kevin and his family. In May of 2012, after much prayer and consideration, Kevin and Angela would says good bye to the wonderful people at Gallagher and begin their new journey. In November of 2012 Kevin and Angela were called on to be the interim pastor at Calvary. Instantly we fell in love with the people and the ministy at the Church. In Febuary of 2013 they were voted in as the parsonage family. The journey thus far has been wonderful because God has done great things and I know that He has so much more in store for us here at Calvary Church of the Nazarene. Kevin is passionate about many things but his greatest passion is helping others in compassionate ministry. He continues to hold the Work and Witness postion and has been blessed to minister on the mission field in places such as: Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti (3 times), and Sun Valley Indian Reservation. Kevin's hobby's outside the church would consist of many things. Two of his greatest passions is golf and motorcycles. You may see him on the golf course or on his Harley at any given time.